Tendril Press Honored at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) today announced the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award honorees. Contributors to this year's list of honorees include the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter, actor Jim Carrey, musician Art Garfunkel, and author Garrison Keillor.  Learn more...


Submission Guidelines

Tendril Press, an independent publisher, takes pride in bringing innovative, inspiring, motivational, and sometimes controversial books to our readers. We nurture our authors and their books throughout the publishing process so the end result is a high-quality product and an author well-prepared to promote it. Our efforts pay off, as we have won 22 Book Awards Nationally for the 2009 publishing season.

We are currently looking for manuscripts that explore:

  • Environment. Sustainable Living, Nature (adults and children)
  • Progressive Political
  • Business, Money, Economy
  • Personal Development, Self-help
  • Health and Well-being
  • Popular Culture/Music Biography and Critical Commentary
  • Young Adult Fiction and Non-fiction
  • Literary Fiction (adults and children)

At this time, we are NOT accepting unsolicited memoir, poetry, or genre fiction manuscripts.

To Submit a proposal to Tendril Press:
Include the information requested below and send,  preferably by email, in an attachment (Word or .pdf only), to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or mail to:

Acquisitions Editor
Tendril Press Publishing
PO Box 441110
Aurora, CO 80044

Include the information requested in the order listed below.

  • Your current contact information, including full name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Submissions without complete contact information will not be considered and will be deleted upon receipt.
  • A brief biography of yourself, your credentials, and why you are qualified to write the book.
  • An overview of your proposed book.
  • Your assessment of the market for the book including competing titles, what makes your manuscript unique.
  • A description of your target audience, a list of venues you use to communicate with your audience, and what you plan to do to help market your book.
    • How will you position yourself as an expert in your topic or your industry?
    • How will you sell your depth of knowledge and your ability to help answer key questions about some aspect of your topic that may have been or may be in the news?
    • How will you find news stories related to your expertise that you can shape your interview pitch and include the fact that you have expertise in the field?
    • Can you talk candidly and openly about your topic in relationship to the current events surrounding it, and engage a radio or TV talk show host?  The most important audience is the host. —Lee Habeeb, co-creator of The Laura Ingraham Show and media coach to many of today’s top talk radio hosts?
    • Do you now, or paln to have, a web site that does more than sell your books & products.  Are you palnning to  provide free “tips articles” that explain your topic or your viewpoint in an informational manner?  Do you plan create free reports or articles for your site that lay out the problem your book & products solve?
  • List four to seven potential peer reviewers, with whom you have no personal or professional relationship. If possible, please include their affiliations, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • The estimated length of the manuscript (in word count); and, if the manuscript is not done, an approximate completion date.
  • A detailed table of contents and one or two sample chapters.
  • Please do not send your entire manuscript. If the acquisitions editor would like to see the complete manuscript, we will let you know.

Please note that we are unable to return hard copies of submitted materials. Please do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Hard copy submissions that are not accepted will be recycled.

We consider each and every submission we receive. Due to the volume of submissions, please allow up to three months for an acceptance or rejection. Please be patient.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Tendril Press.