Tendril Press Honored at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) today announced the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award honorees. Contributors to this year's list of honorees include the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter, actor Jim Carrey, musician Art Garfunkel, and author Garrison Keillor.  Learn more...

About Us

Tendril Press established in 2003, is an award winning independent publishing house in Denver, Colorado. They publish thought provoking, inspirational, educational, and humanitarian books for adults and children which focus on works that cover the topics of ethics, integrity, spirituality, and worldwide diversity. Writers of social issues that affect adults today and whose prose speaks to future leaders, are what has helped Tendril Press realize its success in the publishing industry. The company is driven by an editorial style of publishing; intent on supporting its authors and maintaining relationships with distributors and booksellers throughout the nation. Approaching their ninth year in the publishing industry, Tendril Press continues to grow as an independent cooperative publisher. Their publications have received industry praise, with over 40 national book awards for their titles. Founder & CEO, Karin Hoffman sees Tendril Press growing in 2014 to become a premier publisher of authors whose work inspires its readers to be the change they want to see.

Current Honors Include:

  • The Price of Ovulation— Terence Mix,
    Nautilus Award — Conscious Media/Journalism/Investigative Reporting
    USA Book News Best Books Award— Finalist in three categories; Women's Health; Pregnancy and
    Child Birth; General Science
    CIPA EVVY Award— General non-fiction "Bronze" award
  • Lorcan's Bane— Kitty Roxanna Connell,
    Nautilus Award,  "Visionary Fiction–Adult"
    USA Book News Best Books Award— Winner, "Fiction & Literature: New Age Fiction"
    People's Choice Award— Finalist from the Coalition of Visionary Resources
  • Peaceful Positive Revolution — Steve Shafarman
    USA Book News Best Books Award— Finalist "Political/Social"
    CIPA EVVY Award— Silver, "Political/Social"
  • Let It Out Let It Go— Andrew Reasbeck,
    USA Book News Best Books Award— Finalist, "Juvenile"
    CIPA EVVY Award— Silver, "Juvenile"
  • We hold these Truths— Richard Cook, CIPA EVVY Award— Gold, "Political/Social"
  • Elephant Walk— Patrick Smyth CIPA EVVY Award— Gold
  • I wanna Be: A Sandy Stockings Saga— John Jacobs, CIPA EVVY Award— Gold and Bronze

Despite mainstream publishing industry challenges, passionate authors, messages that need to be shared and changing the world one book at a time propel Tendril Press to new levels of success and service.

Our Pledge
We vow to produce lovely, well-written books by passionate authors who provide the inspiration to change lives throughout the world today and tomorrow.

Be Blessed,

Karin Hoffman, Founder & CEO

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